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We Dance

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‘We Dance’ is a poetic sung and spoken word narrative in 3 acts illustrated with evocative artwork created using cyanotypes made in collaboration with sunlight, natural materials and streams and imagery also created using the natural materials themselves. My work is a collaboration with natural forces and I work intuitively in my written work, music, songs and art. All the work is inspired by, made and filmed in the woods, meadows and The Garth hill near where I live and the Porthcawl coastal area of South Wales. I hope to create connection in the viewer to these places and nature as a whole and inspire people to create and collaborate with the living forces of nature, to be re-wilded and re-ignited into a deeper appreciation of nature and our shared gifts of creativity. Creativity is growth in nature and it is also how we as humans grow, it is our greatest gift. I hope you enjoy my short film and please head over to my website for more examples of my work.

The triptych of 'We Dance' films (now presented in 3 acts) were made for my Masters studies in Illustration and Animation at Cardiff School of Art and Design between September 2019 and August 2020. I work both playfully and with depth and enjoyed layering the metaphors and collaborating with nature's forces. All the work is deeply entwined in my research on how art, storytelling and collaboration with nature's forces can connect us to nature, our world and its inhabitants. Each stanza of this work explores different narratives, themes and places. For example the poem at the beginning of act 3 called ‘place’ explores how places, be they places in time, memories or places in the present, can bring healing, connection and bond us to our environment. Each poem, song and spoken word piece within the film is part of a wider tapestry of stories. For example many of the poems, songs and narratives in act 3 deal with themes of death, the after life, endings and new beginnings.

I have enjoyed, researching, writing, creating art for my films and immersing myself in my local environment to create these films. All art work, music, poems, songs and narratives were created, written, edited, performed, directed and produced by me and it was very challenging, but hugely rewarding too! It has been an enlightening journey, this film was an absolute pleasure to create and I am very proud of how much progress I have made over the past year and am looking forward to creating more and what the future holds.

I hope you enjoy the film!

Any questions and to get in touch please email me on [email protected]

Much love


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