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The Ultimate Car Trip Secret

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Are you dreading the family car trip this summer vacation? We totally get it. Family trips have the potential to be miserable: kids teasing each other, poking at each other. "Stop touching me!" "Are we there yet?" And if you bring along videos and games, they're fighting about which movie to watch and which game to play. You can feel like you're trapped. And there's nothing you can do about it. It's like being held hostage by your children. You can't breathe. LOL!

Meanwhile, you're trying to convince your spouse that even though it may seem so at the time, it's actually NOT a good idea to leave certain children on the side of the road and have them walk the rest of the way to Arizona.

There's a lot of advice out there on how to prevent fighting in the car on long road trips: make sure everyone has their own TV, or keep kids separated, or have game consoles for each kid. Well, that won't work if you have more than one or two kids. If you have five kids, are you going to have five TVs and five game consoles?

Plus, TV and video games get old after a few hours. What happens when the trip is 17 hours long?

We have a better solution. We call it the "Ultimate Car Trip Secret". And it will work, no matter how many kids you have crammed into one car and even if you don't have TV or any video games.

This one trick, this one secret, is all you need to know to make family trips enjoyable. And the great thing is, it works no matter how many kids you have and for kids of all ages, from age 3 and up.

And true to the Moneypants concept, it won't cost you any more money than you are already spending. Head to for more info.

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