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the RETURN experimental micro film

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Little bout the theme grading of this experimental micro film, I made it as the dawn-dusk depths.

As we watch, the film begins in the evening - the sunset scenarios. and the journey progress (frames getting darker) through the dusky bushes towards the midnight depressive dark and dirt... (kinda jerk on the light sensor shift creates the appearance of changing day/night circles too.)

there suddenly appears the glance of the dawn and the the frames becomes fresh and the light getting more intense, the RETURN journey progresses...! thank god for it.

Isn't this symbolises our life circles? Maybe; the time of great assurance, peace and blessings... connectedness and celebrations!
And, there is definitely times of seperation, loneliness and depression which possibly happen itself. there we may have compelled to look back, to see what are left behind.

It's also some reality!

In another way of understanding, the day, dusk and dawn symbolises our consciousness shifts to the different realms of the mind. Like conscious, waking, dreaming and sleeping. Which happens somehow spontaneous.

When there is more light and colours, we are in consciousness and bliss but, when it getting darker and deeper - we are being pulled into unconscious realms and experiences many darker and brighter realities of ourselves.

Hmmm... it's okay, you can watch it with your own vision.

So, the � swan like little white flowers'actions- choreographed by the wind and water - really amazes the viewers hearts ❤️ as they moves in such a harmonious blend, the minute and rhythmic movements... the sweetest dance they keeping in their blending actions, makes us believe they really are some alien living creatures of love and bliss �� living somewhere deep down or beyond our experiencing intelligence!

RETURN micro movie's primary video has been captured as a spontaneous shot, simply out of curiosity about these little ' flemingo flowers' floating in the brook . and the conceptual theme rendering also happened itself while the wind and water magically choreographed the entire action in the scenario.latee I have realised the true magic hidden inside the clip and moved on to its aesthetic depths.

I have worked a lot on the video (on mobile phone screen, it's really very difficult editing something like this) and shared some versions on progress here, which realised me the need to move on for a more perfect ultimate release. I have to thank many of my dear friends who encouraged me to work on it, and helped me in sharing it to more people.

Hope you enjoyed and do share it with your friends ♥️

RETURN micro film is captured, coloured and edited on a Nokia smartphone with limited memory-storage for editing purposes. (total work is done by a single person, me) but, I think it has it's own perfection and aesthetic values embedded, as I worked with my artistic experiences. thank you �

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