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For years, offices have been furnished by the furniture industry with a lack of responsibility and vision. Almost all the furniture in our offices is made of MDF and chipboard. Easy to process and cheap. You can see it in desktops, meeting room tables, cupboards, pantries and so on. The problem is that all of these products are not healthy and circular. If we don't want to use them anymore, they cost money and are one big waste problem. And even worse, that waste belt is extremely unhealthy for us, too. This has everything to do with the binder used in making MDF and chipboard; formaldehyde. In addition, these linear products are often made in countries on the other side of the world, after which it is transported here by ships and trucks. To then be placed in buildings and offices that are sustainable on paper. The office has become a storage place for toxic materials and non-reusable worthless furniture, in which CO2 emissions play no role.
Because of our race for more and cheaper, we have completely lost sight of reality. We make ourselves poorer and lose sight of important values such as health and our earth. If you know that, you don't want it anymore?

From "worthless" waste to "valuable" office furniture

We ensure that raw materials are never wasted again. In everything we do we build harmony between man and nature. We do this by taking responsibility. We put revolutionary innovations in motion to make maximum impact.

We supply everything necessary to furnish an office in a healthy, circular and low CO2 footprint. The identity of the organization is the starting point for design, production and delivery. In a high-profile way, we make the circular economy and waste-free society visible to everyone in the interior.

With revolutionary innovations and upcycling techniques, 'worthless' waste streams of plastic and natural fibers are turned into 'valuable' circular office furnishings. As a circular supply chain, we take responsibility for the raw materials and circular products. In this way, costs transform into value streams and return logistics are in place.

Our core activities consist of furnishing offices, supplying circular products and developing

customer-specific products made from waste. In addition, we provide all services that fit with good maintenance, furniture management and logistics.

The office turns into a raw material bank where healthy materials and CO2 are temporarily stored in quality products. Together we bear responsibility for our raw materials. If the products no longer have a purpose, aesthetically or functionally, due to a change in business operations, we make a different circular product from the same raw material, which again fulfills a meaningful function in the organization.

Desktops are the raw material for kitchens, separation stations are the raw material for tables or lamps, the raw material for wall panels that can be used again and again. We don't throw anything away anymore!

We make our creative brains, innovative techniques and production facilities available to make the products of the future already. In this way we take the steps towards a new world together.

A world consisting of beautiful business, healthy environments and pasionate people

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