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1965: (00:12-02:07)

The Sheep 1965 - a collaboration with a teacher, Sid Templer (this clip is an extract from A Whited Sepulchre – below)

1972-74: Film School(02:08-02:38)

Breakthrough in Grey Room 1973 – a collaboration with fellow student, Mick Jones. Shown at the Serpentine Video Show in 1975. Video now lost: this was the Show leaflet, designed by Mick.

1975-79: Community Video on the Aylesbury Estate (02:08-04:25)

Into the Darkness 1978 – devised and made with David Walters, Jimmy & Alan Cole, Martin & Steve Mannion, followed by a discussion with the group

1980-89 Albany Video in Deptford (04:26-10:26)

Community Video 1980 - extract from a video by Joel Venet, interviewing Tony

Beyond Our Ken 1985 – a programme for Channel 4 arguing against the abolition of the GLC - produced by Tony & directed by Andy Porter

Chicken Tape – 1986 – an experiment with new editing equipment. Music and sound design by Simon Fell

Being White – 1987 – an anti-racist education tape, co-produced with Rooney Martin, Mavis Clark and Geoff Stow

1989- 2005 APT Film & Television (10:28-31:30)

Remote Control - 1989 – a programme for Channel 4 arguing with the 1989 Broadcasting bill and in favour of ‘access’ TV - produced by Tony, edited by John White, written by Jon Dovey, directed by Andy Porter

Satellite Dreaming - 1991 – about indigenous media in Australia – produced by Tony for Channel 4, a coproduction with CAAMA in Alice Springs directed by Ivo Burum

Tactical TV - 1993 – Like Satellite Dreaming, a programme in the ‘Channels of Resistance’ series, made with Andy Porter for Channel 4, exploring how global television presented a threat to cultural and political diversity, and showing instances of opposition from around the world

Album - 1996 - a programme for BBC2, directed by Gillian Lacey, tracing the secrets in an abandoned family photo album

Dancing Inside - 1999 - a portrait of dancer/choreographer Jane Dudley directed by Gillian Lacey for BBC2, music by Jocelyn Pook

Girls, Girls, Girls - 1997 – ‘Ruth’, an episode from a Channel 4 series of 15 short video diaries made by young women, produced by Tony & directed by Tracy Bass & Tamara Maclachlan.

Arizona Dreaming - 1999 - A sequence personal video diary travelogue through the Navaho Nation in Northern Arizona, broadcast by Channel 4 on ‘The Other Side’ – a late night, low budget slot. Music by Sue Herrod

Dancing under the Dustcover - 2000 - A digital animation made for Channel 4 celebrating the career of older dancer, Diana Payne Myers, produced by Tony & directed by Gillian Lacey

Goldsmiths & Lewes – 2006 to now (31:31-45:15)

A Whited Sepulchre – 2009 – an experimental video diary for an AHRC Fellowship, devised, shot and edited by Tony, with support from Jerry Rothwell, Gillian Lacey, Orly Yadin, & Ian Sellar

Dance Video - 2009 – an extract from ‘I Am an Island’, one of the pieces choreographed by my daughter Zosia Jo I have filmed over many years

Creating Lewes Remembers – 2019 – made with editor/co-director Mick Hawksworth & co-producer Brigitte Lardinois, this tells the story of how and why the film of the Lewes Remembers event came together in 2018

London Community Video Archive – 2016-2019 - an extract from the trailer (edited by John White) and an interview with Tony, for a website set up to preserve and share community videos made in the 1970s/80s in London and the South East - made with Andy Porter, Ed Webb Ingall and Heinz Nigg

Satellite Dreaming Revisited – 2021-22 – the trailer (edited by Zoe Kinross) for a website that uses the 1991 film as the focus for exploring Indigenous media work in Australia over the last four decades, made with Sophie Gibson, Alex Wilson, & Ben Edmonds

Dad Film – a work in progress – 1995 – 202? – a rough cut on an opening sequence for a film about my father, which will centre on his life in Poland, his experience as a refugee in 1939-40, and our relationship.

(Clips Reel edited by Andy Porter)

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