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Team call January 19

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Tamara ? recently formed an emotional bond with a seller who was really down on her luck. At the listing appointment she mentioned that she didn't have any kids or other family so she is alone a lot of the time, and she lost her job due to Covid so bills were piling up, she was behind on her mortgage, and the HOA was starting to bug her. The woman also indicated that she was struggling just to buy food. When Tamra left the appointment it was obvious that this woman needed more than just help selling her home. Even though Tamra got the listing, she went way above and beyond to help this woman. She started by sending her lunch that day. The seller obviously needs to get the most out of the home that she possibly can so she can move back to Michigan to be with family during this hard time. Tamara reached out to her west side Co Op headed by Ron Palmer to see if anyone else would want to pitch in to help, and within an hour every single person had sent her cash or gift cards. With the money Tamara was able to have groceries delivered. Tamara noticed an immediate mental shift with the woman as a result and she even texted Tamra saying "Thank you so much… I thought nobody really cared." Tamara sold the house within 24 hours.

Joel Weldon talked about a concept he calls the Golden Thread - If you could sum up everything you wanted to say in one sentence, what would that sentence be? What's the "sticky factor"? What's "the hook"? Joel gave an example related to real estate, saying when you are showing a home you can't mention every single thing about the home, so what can you say in one sentence that would have the most impact? He pointed out in Tamara’s interaction with her seller that the golden thread sentence was the text the seller sent to her saying "I thought no one really cared." Joel said it's clear that at 72, "our agents really do care about our clients." Joel also used the example of the most watched movie in history, the Wizard of Oz. It's a two hour film, and Joel summed up the golden thread in 44 words. Of the many unique features in each home, Joel said the golden thread is being able to identify the "focal point" of the home that will have the greatest impact on a potential buyer. Greg said the golden thread for 72SOLD is "Get 8.4% more for your home." Greg said that specificity equates to credibility. Joel also said there is a golden word - "even." He gave a couple of examples saying "I can help you make even more money," and “I can help you get in even better shape."

Sean O Carroll told the story of a listing appointment he went on with Lauren Harris. It was a very old couple who was moving into an assisted care facility. It was a small luxury home that they purchased for $350,000 and it was their only asset so they needed the most they could possibly get out of the sale. Sean established range pricing from $999,000 to $1.2 million because he knew he could get at least $1 million, and thought it might push up to $1.1 million. Sean also knew that the best result would come from actually having a Launch on this property, and the turnout was unbelievable. He had 106 buyers at the Launch! Ultimately the home sold for $1.35 million (all cash) and the seller said they would be happy with just $1 million, so they were ecstatic. The cherry on top was that Lauren represented the buyer so they were able to give the sellers a one percent discount on total commission. Greg went through his nine step sequence for leveraging multiple offers now that buyer demand is insanely high again. It is posted in the Facebook group.

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