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TITLE: TCHIKENA / Angola, 2014, P/B, 8’
FILMING & CUTS: Nuno Barreto
NOB-PRODUCTION: Filmes Sem Futuro
STORY: Nuno Barreto & Helder Cerejo
MUSIC: Miguelito Reyes

SYNOPSIS: "Tchikena" is the first movie of Filmes Sem Futuro.
With 8 minutes long, the short-film was made with a smartfone and done with the carachteristics of the "Assault" technic (slang term used by the Angolan theatre colectives to define a scene made from improvisation, with sponteanity and with no technical help).
The movie shows the story of Tchikena, a boy that comes from a rural area to the city in search of job and a better life.
Once in the city, Tchikena reaches the conclusion that to search for a job in town is not easy. Every place he went made is life hard...

CAST: Helder Cerejo, António Haleca, António Yakassi, Frederico Medeiros, Gabriela Ferreira, Lucas Massualali, Marta Canhanga.

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916 50 87 05

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