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The Grey
The Grey focuses on life’s cold brutality & the will to Overcome.
That is, the Will to live. So, some vodka may be needed in small amounts to deal with the impact of this movie.
It’s such a crucial act to imagine yourself, traumatically a widow, all alone, watching this film.
This movie pulls an astonishment peering into the alcohol & drug-abuse those issues cause.
It’s 2020 & we need real talk on that.
And suicide. And, suicide...
In the most most shattered & vulnerable moment a man can be in...
Neeson goes out to the Arctic nowhere, symbolizing exactly how you feel inside about to kill himself:
He drops his knees as he positions the rifle’s muzzle into his mouth. His non-verbal scream of this regrettable outcome is... as haunting as the movie is.

“The Grey” is an actual pack of Alaskan Wolves that shows up mid-film that ends up eating them alive...
The Wolves ultimately symbolize the Struggle against all Odds. It’s oddly a tip-off to the directors knowledge of human evolution where we used to hunt the wolves.

Neeson brings his religion into it for his will to fight until the bitter end, without giving any tip-off.
However, the 1-by-1 loss of that group of each man in his will to fight is just too much to bear for the viewer. You follow Neeson, who just traumatically loses his “last family.”

I won’t say what happens in the end, but watch it 2 times for the song...
Liam Neeson personally lost his wife to cancer before this movie.
He’s playing himself in this one... & I imagine, the song, the hospital bed scene...

Neeson, along with his Director, Cinematographer, everyone in this film are actually giving Neeson a film to help him work through his grievance.
They know he’s not taking it well & that’s well documented on the news.

That’s what real friends do.
They tools they used... the camera, the scenery, desperate facial expressions, & the soundtrack.

The piano... left me speechless.
It’s one of the best acting performances you’ll ever see, ever.

It ends as Dark, Dark movie, with hidden gems you return to years later.

This was for Neeson’s wife, struggling to keep himself together at that phase.

If you’re a cerebral man who fist fights lives problems every day, but have that deep limbic system IQ...

I hope you got a lot out of this,
Enjoy & have a great Coronavirus lockdown party everyone...

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