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Quarantine A Filmpoem

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A filmpoem based on a poem by Avinab Datta-Areng, taken from his upcoming book of poems 'Annus Horribilis'.

Music by Raghav Anand

Camera by Abhinava Bhattacharyya

A film by Abhinava Bhattacharyya and Jenifer Datta-Areng

by Avinab Datta-Areng

It’s the world again forced 
to reconsider itself; how we
are coping when confronted
with what we don’t understand.
This is rehearsed everyday, 

but sometimes it assumes
proportions of a greater work,
an autonomous earth’s will
suddenly woken and drawn
to its own story and expression.
And I’m trying to respond to
this macabre poem in a room huddled
with my sister, who is gazing
at the curtains with a crayon in her hand.
I could very well be
twenty five years earlier,
in another room,

huddled with my sister,
trying to milk some antidote
out of a wooden cupboard
for the unearthly horror washing over our skin.
Our father is in the hallway
trying to set fire to the furniture,
trying to smoke out our mother,
who has somehow managed
a corner which is just out of his reach,
and she can be heard faintly
through his roaring, a sound I can still only
hear in my mind and never imitate.
I can remember the words of my mother tongue
I don’t know what the words mean anymore. 

She holds a part of her brain dangling
From the side of her head in her palm.
We don't know this yet inside the room.
Our distance from the world has its measure 

In our distance from our mother,
that world sliced away from her,
the path to her abruptly breaks
and plunges into an abyss,
it’s a stitched up realm swirling with absence,
it’s where we want to enter,
but we can never leave this room.

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