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Project Portfolio II Underworld Trailer

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At the start of the video we begin in an Underworld cave. To create the Main Ambience loop I used a sample recording of an office that was slightly busy. In pro tools, I stretched out the wav form audio using the Varispeed tool changing the pitch of the sound to be more like a natural cave ambience. In the distance, you hear a variety of animal stingers that help create a more submersing and unique playing experience.  Because the setting of Underworld is in a cave reverb was added to most of the assets used in the game including all the footsteps and stingers. In finalising my large chamber loop I added the sound effects of a faucet dripping into a bowl half full. Each drop adding an extra element to the loop as if the cave had a waterfall once. In creating the sound variation for the torch EFX, I used three different parts from a single recording of a fireplace. Mixing the levels of each Torch asset differently gave some variance to the fire sound we hear when walking pass a torch in the game. My favorite asset to create for the Underworld project was the VOX phrases. Putting my Amateur Voice Over skills to the test. With the addition to modulation, reverb, and compression onto the printed VOX tracks, I was able to transform my original VOX recording into an asset that fit the video game needs.

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