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Pasadena CA; A Griots Story (; Hometown Jackie Mack Robin

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..Long Before rich migrants arrived from Indiana, natives and free Black ranchers and farmers had settled on eastern rim of the Arroyo. One of the early Black settlers was Robert Owens. He had Orange groves, raised sheep and farmed land then called Negro Valley. Owens died in 1865 and his daughter inherited the land. At the turn of the century, she donated the land to the City of Pasadena to be developed as a park. ...
In 1921, Arriving in Pasadena on a train from Georgia was Mallie Robinson and her five children, Edgar the oldest then Matthew “Mac”, Frank, Willa Mae and the youngest, Jackie…
Mr. John Muir, the famous naturalist and Father of the National Parks; believed in white supremacy, beholden to the ideas of eugenics. Who knew or cared who John Muir was, just another Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Jackson, Jefferson, Wilson…All names of Pasadena schools, all the same!!
...The pool was opened on a segregated basis, Blacks only allowed to swim one day a week, 3 to 5pm on Tuesdays. Then the pools would be drained, cleaned and re-filled. The ban was eventually extended to include Hispanics and Asians and renamed International day.
...When McKnight was informed about Draining and cleaning the swimming pool, she proclaimed loudly,” Outrageous”! Total disrespect and humiliation. “The only difference between Pasadena and Mississippi is spelling!”
She realized in Pasadena, she wasn’t facing hooded racist waving confederate flags, no, these were pseudo-scientific proponents of eugenics, the likes of Robert A. Millikan, President of Cal Tech, founder of the Human Betterment Foundation. Henry E. Huntington who enthusiastically instituted restrictive convenance, preventing Blacks (non-Caucasians) from buying or even living in the San Gabriel Valley.
In the 1950 movie, “The Jackie Robinson Story” in which Jackie plays himself, he’s ask in somewhat hostile tone, “Jackie, I understand you weren’t the best player in the Negro League when you broke the color line!”
Jackie paused and smiled before speaking, “Not only wasn’t I the best ball player in the Negro league, I wasn’t the best ball player in by family, that would be my brother, Mack!”.
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