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Outta This World Movie Trailer

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Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi

Missy Blaustein’s misery index has just hit an all time high. She’s just been dumped by her ex and spilled chunky style Chili over her favorite top. Unfortunately, her world will be rocked once again in, of all places…her local dry cleaner.

Can Missy’s top be saved?

While on her journey, a tough, no-nonsense “Garment Detective” from the 38th precinct, Sam Crease, stops Missy on the street; he confronts her with a tale of conspiracy and opportunism, culminating in one crazy, unimaginable claim…ALIENS FROM SPACE ARE AMONG US AND DOING OUR DRY CLEANING!!!!

Why on earth are space aliens doing our dry cleaning? What do they want? Are their rates reasonable? Do they have Sunday Hours? Is their ultimate goal world colonization? And, possibly the most important question of all, will these inter-galactic suds-peddlers zap Missy’s best blouse into a zillion unwearable bits?!!!

Outta This World is a new, sharp sci-fi satire that gives new meaning to the term, “outsourced.”

Aubrey Clyburn as Missy

Ron Barba as Sam Crease

Sal Real as Tim

Eureka Nakano Grimes as Barbara

Directed by Michael Thomas Cain

Screenplay by Mark Levitt

Cinematography/Edited by Chris Hart

Sound by Kalsang Rinchen

Opening Graphics by Shelly Toscano
Music by Raise Hell Over The Summer

Producers: Mark Levitt, Monica Gordon, and Forgotten Artist Productions

Extras: Chaz McCormack, Amira Appleblossom, Michael Thomas Cain and Mark Levitt

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