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NETSCAPES: Fast Fashion

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NETSCAPES visualized the complex ways in which internet culture pervades the built environment. In a new world of ubiquitous connectivity where more of our lives are conducted online, how might architects expand their toolkit by developing other representational modes to critically engage the invisible energies that shape and steer digital space? We addressed this question through three exercises that culminated in the design of videos exhibited online. Working in pairs and using a combination of drawings and animated collages, students developed a short narrative about a given topic from digital culture – from e-sports to e-trading to e-waste – and discussed the role that architecture plays in the story. To frame our conversations, we drew from an unlikely set of sources including post-Internet art, parafiction, film noir, corporate branding strategies, and urban theory. In the end, students created a netscape of interconnected image files and ideas, a visual artifact that attempts to make sense of the composite mess of our virtual lives.

Course: Arch 516, Winter 2020, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning
Instructor: Cyrus Peñarroyo
Topic: Fast Fashion
Authors: Nicholas Di Donato + Emre Guven

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