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Starring: Sharnee Tones, Sam Foster, Demi Jenkins, Wendy Spencer.

Metanoia is a moment in Avinn’s life. A moment of existential angst. A moment where pasts and futures collide. Bound to her role as a back-up dancer within the Darke Karnivale, Avinn mourns her inability to separate illusion from reality and unashamedly discover her true self. She struggles to accept the love of Ringmaster Chester and cannot reconcile the presence of their unborn child with her insecurities and lack of self-worth inflicted by her delusions of him, and the carnival’s star dancer, Sierra Starlettine. Having entered the Karnivale’s troupe through the kindness of Chester, Avinn seems to exist under his sway, unable to define what she is to him – devoted lover, amusing play-toy or a figure of cold indifference.

Avinn simultaneously lives through fractions of different decisions and outcomes, each shaped by her intensely critical and overwrought self-awareness, as well as her desire for acceptance and peace. Caught in a world where everything is possible, nothing is ideal, and control is seemingly lost, Avinn struggles with confronting her perception of love, grief and how she understands herself through the workings of various fates. Choice and consequence create an overwhelming spiral of choice; Avinn must face the crippling darkness of her inner void to conquer her troubled existence and take control of her future.

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