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Jack and Jill - Storyboard

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For a university assignment, I had to draw a storyboard of 9 to 11 panels for a film idea based on a given nursery rhyme. The film had to be made in the style of a particular time period or film movement. I chose the rhyme, Jack and Jill, in the Classical Hollywood style, with Film Noir and German Expressionist influences. I drew the panels on Procreate using the Apple Pencil and edited on Avid Media Composer. I thought I'd do something a bit different and add some music + sound effects to the panels. Enjoy!

The film opens with Jill in a remorseful Jack's arms, shot dead by Louise whos stands stunned in the doorway. Louise and Jill are sisters and their father recently died, leaving Jill, the youngest sister, all of the inheritance. Enraged, Louise hires Jack, a criminal, to get close to her sister and kill her, but he inadvertently falls in love. He ignores Louise's demands until she blackmails him and threatens to have him sent back to prison. Unable to resist Louise's tightening grip, Jack pushes Jill down the stairs, sending them both tumbling. Injured and struggling to get up, he doesn't realise Jill's body is nowhere to be seen. As he looks through the medicine cabinet to tend to his injured head, a woman walks through the darkness outside, and someone loads a gun in the darkness. Jill stands in the doorway watching Jack, entering the room, gun in hand. Just as Jack is about to tell Jill the truth, Louise arrives and shoots Louise in the back. Jack, heartbroken, leaves, telling Louise that she will never be happy. As Jack walks away into the distance, a final gunshot fires in the house. Louise has killed herself, and Jack keeps on walking.

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