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Il pleure sans raison

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Sometimes I wonder if the reality that I perceive from moment to moment is anything resembling what other people may be experiencing. I know that many people, and certainly most animals, “see” and “sense” the world differently than humans do. Smell things I’ll never detect. And among humans even there are vast differences: some people can taste and smell things that others do not (something like 25% of humans can’t detect the smell of cyanide.) People hear in different frequencies and ways, and my own two eyes each send different color information to my brain. For photographers, my left eye is warmer. I wonder what it would be like to be colorblind. I have been around many people who clearly take in the world in a very different way than I do, but I’ve no basis for saying that their reality is any better or worse than mine. When I say, “sometimes I wonder,” I mean, “I actually think about this all the time. Every hour. Each moment.” As Sartre said, “Being a philosopher sucks.”

I’ll be taking a short break from social media. It might even be a week! I’ll miss all seven of you. I leave you with this old film from the archives, made today, which mimics the worst of the existentialist French experimental films I’ve watched in my life. It is a day of no rain, and no rain.
Video © Thomas Graves

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