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Enigmatic smile is all about interpretation - how you interpret the meaning of the smile. This short film exemplifies the definition of an enigmatic smile with mundane objects.

The definition of enigmatic smile is: a smile that is mysterious and difficult to understand. I believe it is an ambiguous and ambivalent way of expression or response to, usually a question. And, it is all about interpretation - how you interpret the meaning of the smile. A person gives an enigmatic smile for usually two circumstances. Firstly, the answerer does not want to tell his/ her true feeling to the questioner. Secondly, the answerer does not the know the answer to the question. In both ways, the meaning of the smile, by the answerer, is unknown; hence, it is all upon the interpreter, the questioner.
This short film also consists a question and an answer. The film is the answer. The question is given by you, the audience, “What is an enigmatic smile?”
This is directly shown from the beginning of the film, it starts with a click sound, signifying the answer is started. Visually, it starts with a first point of view, the view of the audience, looking at the camera, the answerer.
The shot dolly into the lens, and the perspective changes from the audience to the camera. Then it exemplifies the meaning of enigmatic smile through listing mundane objects: fan, sink or even shoes... with texts to support.

"Pause at any time during the film."
All these objects can be understood differently to the audience.
The balls are rolling from left to right, the camera said "Forward".
However, some in the audience may argue, it could be rolled backward.
No one has the clear answer because the ball is sphere and it does not have a starting point and an ending point.
It is all about what perspective you have and how you interpret the object.

After the listing, the perspective changes from camera to the audience, indicating it is now audience' turn to interpret
the explanation.
It ends with a click sound, signifying the answer is over.

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