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Blog 2 - Unravelling The Reel - Holly Colvin

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Upon looking through my phone archive I noticed aspects I filmed and the images I took, were things, places and people that inspire me. I noticed what all these images and videos have in common are things I am passionate about. Due to the found materials in my archive, I wanted to put together footage of the travels I have been fortunate enough to have. I wanted to showcase the beautiful sights I’ve seen and the memories that arose.

I wanted to create a travel video in the same style as travel vlogs and films I’ve previously seen. The music that accompanies travel videos is commonly epic music and remixes that suggest adventure, thus when looking for music I chose the song Sthlm Sunset by Ehrling as this song suggests travel and adventure. When piecing together my footage, timing, tempo and rhythm were factors I wanted to develop. Hence, I made sure to put the right images at the right place in correlation with the music i.e. when the music tempo is staccato for instance, I would apply stills in flashes that correspond to the music.

I compiled together some of my favourite memories that have occurred throughout my travels. I believe travelling is all about the experiences you have; this being the relationships forged, sights seen, and activities partaken. I included videos of beaches, partying with friends, music festivals and wild ventures.

I wanted to include animation and text to screen to add an additional layer to the film. This consisted of the location of each video appeared as text on screen to iterate travelling far across the globe. I also used the red, symbolic location animation to pin my whereabouts on-screen, so the audience has an understanding I am travelling to diverse locations.

From Di Tella’s reading one thing I really gauged was to try new things and experiment with my work. In my 60-90 second video I attempted things I haven’t previously tried before as I want to expand my creativity and skills. This included video and audio transitions and effects, splitting my frames to have multiple screens on at once and speeding up/slowing down individual footage for effect. The video isn’t exactly how I envisioned it, as I currently lack the skills needed to execute my creative ideas as initially imagined, however I am content with trying new ideas.

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