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Hi friends, please watch this over at Inspiration Oregon - Chapter I Inspiration That's the contest showcase. Thanks!

I made this for an Oregon Film contest to explore creativity and inspiration during a pandemic. (It didn't make it into the contest because I emailed it to the wrong address yesterday, oops.)

The text comes out of snippets in my journal, and the footage from walks with my dog. Made in a day, is what it is, flaws and all!

It reflects how I (and probably other artists) feel right now: Uncertain not only what to make, but what to make of what I'm calling "the between time."

I love the idea of using design thinking and prototypes to make something fast that might inform something else I do later. This is not intended to be anything other than a quickie. But I'm happy to have made a piece of art during this strange period of time!
#InspirationOregon #OregonFilm

Here's the text:

Sometimes you know you'll never see a place or a person again. You walk away it or them with a sense of loss, a glance over your shoulder and a sigh. It sits in your memory, retrievable but always unchanged. The last kiss. The last journey. The last glimpse of a wide vista.

But what if you didn't know it was the last time? Those moments, would you let them slip through your fingers, forgotten, unformed?

It's only when we pay attention that we remember what we have is fleeting. Then we see clearly what the Before time was.

But the After time? We don't know yet. So we live in the Between time, waiting.

You could close your eyes and recreate the memory of how it used to be, of what can never be recovered. Or you could look closely, get even closer! To the ephemeral, the ethereal, the detail.

Here it is, you might remind yourself. Right in front of us, all the inspiration we need. The art of paying attention, right now.

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