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Uncle Paul:

The first shots were of your dad and your two uncles plus a few neighbors swimming in the Colorado River near the Colorado River Indian Hospital where we lived for a year (mid 50’s) in Parker, AZ on the border of AZ and CA. Please take notice of the grace and Olympic technique we had on entering the water. I recall one Christmas when Clarence and Esther took us kids up to Flagstaff, AZ for sledding in the snow, drove back to Parker, AZ and we went swimming in that spot in the afternoon. The second is opening presents on Christmas day when we lived over on East Main St. diagonally across from the Methodist Parsonage at the bottom of the hill where the house you remember is. I believe the ice skating was on Busfield’s pond in Hancock next to the 5th hole on the Hancock golf course. There was an old ice house off to the right of that shot where they used to cut ice blocks from the pond in the winter, store them in straw and pull them out in the spring and summer for refrigeration. The folks at the table eating were Esther’s brother, your dad’s uncle Carl Barnes on the end nearest the windows. His wife, Aunt Clara was to his right, and his and Esther’s mother (your great grandmother) Hanna Barnes to his left. Sitting next to Clara was Marion Earl Dungan, your paternal great grandfather (your Dad’s middle name was Earl, I believe after Marion Earl). On the end sat Hattie Pearl Dungan, your paternal great grandmother. I think these are the only extant movies of your dad’s grandparents and aunt & uncle. Interesting, but sad, that I believe shortly after this filming, we never saw them again. Your dad and uncles visited great grandma Barnes and Carl & Clara fairly regularly until there demise. Aunt Clara and Uncle Carl lived a few houses down the street from the church in Port Crain, NY where we buried Esther and Sean took that one family photo. Grandma Barnes’ house a couple blocks away is long gone for a 7-Eleven.

Uncle Steve:

I'm guessing that yes, that was possibly a single role of film if there were no splices. As I recall, the larger spools included multiple standard "camera size" spools spliced together. And yes, it's likely that one encompassed: late days in Arizona, (when dad worked at the Navajo Indian Reservation Hospital outside of Parker Arizona), our transition to NY with a day of swimming at Chenango Valley State Park near Binghamton NY, and then Christmas at the 1st Hancock NY house on East Main St, also known as "Backstreet". I think construction on the 4 Church St. house behind the Library started that next Spring. (any edits welcome Unk Paul)

Not sure, but those might have been the last film/photos of dad's parents Marion and Hattie. Also there were Mom's brother Carl and Clara.

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