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10 Years of Layout - Simplicity

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10 years.

I'm looking back at my archives where awaits a bunch of old layout clips. And this particular scene remembers me an interview. It was in 2015, I think.

During the interview, the supervisor asks me something like : "What's your favourite scene in your previous project?" “Which shot are you proud of?” “And why?”

It's not always obvious but, this time, I answered quite easily. And it was this "simple" sequence. Without fuss. I’ve done a lot of action scenes but i'm still fond of simplicity and this kind of old school cinematography has my preference

The sequence is not perfect. Today, I would get rid of the tilt up when they're in front of the house. Even if the effect is nice.

Sometimes, it's hard to keep in mind that our job, as layout artist, is not to make the cameras move all the time or fall in love with pretty pictures to justify our salary. Every shot is here to tell a story. Does it serve the purpose of the scene?

Also, for sure, it's not the kind of sequence that you want to put in your reel. Too dull? Boring?

But look at movies, the most common situation is the shot/reverse shot. When i was reviewing demoreel to hire people, I was ashame to not find something as "simple" as people around a table conversing. Shooting/framing a small talk is more challenging for me than action scene. Or maybe it's just because I'm a pretty bad animator ;) Anyway, thank you for watching.

Shot from The Secret Life of Pets.

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