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Ryuichi Sakamoto Speed Paint

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This is a drawing process video that I made for an assignment in my Kinetic Imaging Project class. The subject/topic for the assignment was Dream. Whatever the word dream meant to the student. You could illustrate and depict whatever you want and thought the word "dream" meant to you. For this assignment students could create works in the formats of either videos, flip books, sound pieces, or animations, with the options of using whatever programs, devices, video recorder, cameras, materials the students wanted to make their projects. I choose to do a realism drawing to record the process of it to create a video. I created this drawing on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil on a drawing app called Procreate, which has a built-in time-lapse video recorder which I utilized. I made this drawing utilizing Procreate brushes and a few custom brushes I bought from ExtremeAddons on etsy and Julia Razumova from Instagram for the program.

I edited the video and music on iMovie. The music playing in the video is by Ryuichi Sakamoto. the first song playing throughout the video is Rain (from "The Last Emperor") and the ending credits song is Amore (Playing the Orchestra 2013). I edited the video in a way so that some or most of the recorded brush strokes would match the music. In addition, while I was drawing this photo in real time I listened to the actual song and made brush stokes that would match the basses and violins that are playing in the song. This is something that I do intentionally and unintentionally while drawing and listening to music.

My dream is to become a professional graphic novelist who art style focuses on manga (a Japanese term for comics and style comic books) and manhwa (a Korean term for comics and style comic books) styles. I found that though practicing realism drawing constantly my comic drawing skills have improved with things such as proportions, lighting and shading. I also found that it is easier for me to draw in comic style because of the drawing knowledge and skills I have obtained through practicing realism. I chose the music artist Ryuichi Sakamoto to draw because his music inspires my art style and graphic story ideas immensely. I got a chance to see him up close in real life during the question panel after the premiere of his documentary CODA in New York last year in July 2018, which I went to see. It was intriguing to hear from the artist himself what his intentions, emotions, and feelings are behind the music that he created and creates. Hearing his thoughts on his music inspired me immensely. Therefore, these are the reasons why I chose to do this drawing for the assignment.

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