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Rig Reel Dic 2019

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1º Clips per salvar el mon - Virtual Arts Visual Effects & 3D
Mini serie for kids. All developed in 3dMax
Made all the creature and character rigs, with custom rigs that enhances the movement and body expressions.

2º Maia project
School team short. All made in 3dmax and Zbrush.
I was in charge of modeling the main character, and the rigs of all the short characters. I had to develop a bone facial rig as flexible as possible so she can have the widest range of expressions. The other main focus was the hands and the feet, because they have to support some foreground shots, writting and walking barefoot, so the deformation was critical, and have a simple pressure deformation system for that purposse.

3º Maze of Gods.
Rigger of a platform game for FrameOver Studio. All made in 3dmax. In charge of more than 40 creatures and characters, humans, bipeds, cuadrupeds, winged and formless models. All made with custom rigs or CAT system, to maximize the speed and the functionality.

4º African Warrior
Rig in Maya. Model made in Zbrush and 3dmax.
This model was made for the CgSociety "Rigging Techniques: Cartoon to Realistic" workshop conducted by Nico Sanghrajka. In the course website is written the syllabus. The main focus was preserving the volumen and make good deformations with the use of a custom muscle system, and teh use of advanced techniques as the foward-IK-Spine or the pose reader for autoshoulder and hips, or the double knee and elbow bone.

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