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‘Rambling dreams’ is a short video based on a social phenomenon which is said ‘There is only silent loneliness in the adult world’. The video is aimed to engage individuals to slow down and be aware of the inconspicuous things surround them, sometimes the inconspicuous will provide huge implications to individuals thus relieve their mind in the fast pace society.

The video starts with dull colours to deliver a sense of depression of the main character, the depressing atmosphere implies the man is frustrated in his real life. Suddenly, power failure causes light off, he strikes a match and light up a candle. The scene becomes bright and soft, it is the light on the candle spiritually brings warmness to the man. The man smiles as he sees happiness and relief through the candle, he starts dreaming.
The dreamland of the man is divided into three main parts-bus station, ladder and alley. The first part where the man gets on a bus is inspired from a scene from a Japanese cartoon called My Neighbor Totoro, the scene is designed to imply the main character starts his journey of discovery. Then, the man arrives to a ladder and the way he walks down the stairs suggests he is going to deep sleep. At the time, the backlight makes the character’s body to look dark in order to indicate his uncertainty of discovery. The last part of the character’s dreamland is in a little alley, the blue tone of the scene is aimed to form a sense of mystery. On the way the character walk through the fog, there is a strong bright light from the sky draws his attention, he couldn’t tell if the light comes from the angels. There is a moment he completely immerses in the little surprise happens in his journey, he suddenly realises the purpose of journey is not about finding something new, yet it is about being conscious of the pleasure in the journey of discovery (life) and enjoy it. Light off, after the man receives the enlightenment, his pace is no longer heavy, he runs towards the end of alley with light-hearted pace. The transformation of light and the human pace represents a changing mental environment of the character-from depression to self-relief. There is no dialogue in the video to echo the context of adult and loneliness. Again, the video not just engage individuals to be aware of things around them, but also draws the social attention to be aware that adult needs care as well.

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