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Michael Wilde - Model / Texture Reel - 2019

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Detective Pikachu at MPC London
Model, sculpt and texturing for the body of Torterra Large, a huge and challenging asset that was fun to combine hand sculpting with some procedural texturing workflows.

Alita Battle Angel at DNeg Vancouver
Screwhead textures for Dneg's sequences - a fun combination of the Substance Suite and Mari.

The Boys at DNeg Vancouver
A-Train Digi Double model, textures and lookdev. I also modelled the digi double for Homelander and I did some textures for some additional characters in the episode that were not used.

Pacific Rim Uprising at DNeg Vancouver - Zbrush sculpting and modelling of ice crack created by the Jaegers fighting. Also cracked ice sheet for underwater shots and additional ice pieces for scattering along the Siberian environment floor.

Fantastic Beasts at DNeg London - Texturing and additional lookdev of the Thunderbird creature, along with other tasks for the film including texturing, lookdev, modelling, layout and lighting. Shot taken from the Comic-Con trailer.

Deadpool 2 at DNeg Vancouver - Modelling and Texturing of the digi double for Spirit, one of the X Force members. Shown in shot along with some plate to better illustrate which character he is (the guy with the neon green mouth visor). Blend shapes for the little legs sequence to get better muscle definition as he walks.

Blade Runner 2049 at DNeg Vancouver - Modelling of one of the mega tower block structures. Shown in both shots on centre left.

The Mummy at Dneg Vancouver - Village Buildings, modelling of a large variety of buildings to then make the village with another artist and texturing. Ground plane sand modelling and texturing too.
Texturing of right side foreground building and second pass on foreground left in London sandstorm shot.

Jungle Book at MPC - Grooming of multiple characters including Akela, the leader of the wolf pack, Chill a Brahminy kite, and the civet cat. I worked on other characters too not shown, including groom fixes for Baloo and Bagheera. I also set up the Wet Groom variation which was used for Akela and alot of the other wolves in the rain sequence.

All aspects of my personal work are by me.
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