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Make America Grinch Again

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Evil Barney said, "For more info, please don't go to and please don't share this video with others because Christmas sucks like living people. Believe me, an extinct dinosaur from Ra Ra Roo Roo Land."

Frame 1: Despite three soy-lattes, the Grinch still wore a frown, he wore his black mask and moped all over town. (Grinch with Antifa mask and dumpTrump sign, soy lattes on ground…used needles and/or feces on ground and pussey-hat optional)

Frame 2: It wasn’t his fault, he’s a product of soy! He couldn’t be sure he was really a boy! On top of that, he drank fluoride unfiltered…That plus Atrozine left him all Stelter-stiltered! (Grinch with cocked Brian Stelter smile…accessories optional)

Frame 3: Torn (one night) between Facebook and Dance With The Stars, the TV changed over to JONES’ INFOWARS! The Grinch was AGHAST! And a-Gist! And DIS-GUS-TED! Out came a RED PILL and his bubble was BUSTED! (Artists, do what you do)

Frame 4: In a moment he saw all the cruel Clinton crimes, the pedophile priests and the failed New York Times…The drugs in the water, the GMO food, the whole PrisonPlanet; He became ONE MAD DUDE!

Frame 5: He took to the streets full of holiday cheer, a hand full of red pills and InfoWars gear, and just when his friends thought that that had been that…he bought a red cape and a new MAGA hat!

Frame 6: So Who-ville was saved and they flew the flag high, the Grinch was on guard underneath the night sky. He’d fight to the last and give all he was worth…that Gov’t by the People not Per’sh from the Earth! (The Grinch with his rifle guards the rooftop…beside Tanto Paronto-optional)

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