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Juniors Inquisitive Quest (no sound)

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My official short film and character presentation I've been doing for 6 weeks, based on my oldest and first ever creation.

Junior B. Shorthair, who I've created at age 12. When you watch this film, you will be able to see and understand my show (Animalistic) style of satire and Junior's character. Most of what happens in the film comes from my own experience as a slightly naive youth. The short you're seeing are abstract resembles on how we get different answers in return, in an artistic and satirical way. As I grew older, I became interested in having animation and cartoons being viewed and reminded as an art form, and for people to treat them as such. This short I also created as a satirical social commentary, and a visual social satire on the "close-minded, shallow, opinionated prescriptive of the society" and how children are being raised under the system of education, society, technology and consumerism, but through it's satire carries a moral, which is something I want to do with most episodes focusing on Junior. Inspiration for the short's style comes from Alex Lovy's Norman Normal, Chuck Jones's Now Hear This, Pixar short films and UPA.

There's no sound for the cartoon yet and I hope to get film festival and/or network executives attention. I have more pilots on the way.

This is my first time animating with the Toon Boom Harmony Advanced that I've been getting use to for the past 4 months, though I couldn't figure out how to zoom the camera in the way I wanted to. Also, unfortunately, the quality of the short isn't the way it is so there might be some distortion.

Unfortunately, since I'm doing more pilots/independent animation, I'll have to delay the production of my fan project, Yoshi & Toad's Crazy Adventures.

There we're some deleted scenes in the short where one of the question mark doors contains a computer and another one containing a barrel toxic waste.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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