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Fly me to the Moon

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Fly me to the Moon
Josephine Felix-Turner BA (Hons) Digital Design

Fly me to the Moon is a 2d fantasy space themed music video, its visuals were created for the Lofi instrumental called Night by Primitive Beats. The Illustrations and the colour pallet containing purples, blues and pinks within the video were influenced by an illustration called ‘Lonely nights’ by Luxjii. The genre lofi, keeps its sounds which can be seen as low quality and is usually aimed to put people in a relaxed state.

This music video was created to aid people’s dreams help them to find relaxation, feel at ease and help with struggles sleeping. The colours used and fantasy cartoon style helps the user to be set from reality, the slow pace and the minimal use is bright colours brings distraction from the music video to a minimal.

The visuals guide the viewer through the path of the main characters journey from their bedroom to outer space.

I felt very connected to this project while creating it as I had to find ways to help myself to reduce levels of stress during my final year of university, I regularly found myself listening to lofi music during study breaks.

This piece is best viewed in a dark, quiet room, where you can zone out or listen to the music while studying.

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