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"description": "LibriVox recording of Ulysses (version 2) by James Joyce.
Read in English by Brian; hefyd; iremonger; Nathan Jordan; Kirsty Leishman; Richard Wallis; LizMourant; penboy7000; Cath Garde; Grant Hurlock; Andy Minter; Peter Yearsley; Laurie Anne Walden; Elizabeth Klett; mb; Anna Simon; David Lawrence; TriciaG; Nadine Eckert-Boulet; Algy Pug; Amy Gramour; Julia Niedermaier; David Olson; Beth Thomas; Amanda Friday; Kristin Gjerløw; ToddHW; Rapunzelina; CaprishaPage; alanmapstone; April Gonzales; Charlotte Duckett; Moromis; Libby Gohn; bala; zaanta; Ben Lindsey-Clark; Ted Delorme; Filippo Gioachin; Bill Boerst; ElleyKat; Pamela Krantz; hikarudream; NoelBadrian; Nathanial W.C. Higgins; Kevinc; Naomi Park; Emily Jones; David Stephenson; Aiden Herrera; tovarisch; Brendan MacKenzie; Elliot Gage; shivagogo; Lucy Perry; MaryAnn; Barry Eads; Margaret Espaillat; Elizabeth Barr; Phil Chenevert; Chuck Williamson; Marty; Cynthia Moyer; Jaysen Raye; Savannah; Loveday; WoollyBee; Hunter; Anastasiia Solokha; Kanta; Drew Johnson; thechanneler; Chris Meabe; KHand; Eric Metzler; gmrbill; Josh Kirsh; AS - andreastrano; Kevin Johnson; rookieblue; Karen; Paul Adams; Maggie Russell; John Kooz; taijohn; mevans; Arielle Lipshaw

Ulysses is a groundbreaking novel in which Irish author James Joyce explores realism through stream-of-consciousness technique and shifting narrative styles. It was published in serial form between 1918-1920 and first published in book form in 1922. The story follows Leopold Bloom through Dublin during the course of one day: June 16, 1904. The events and characters of Ulysses parallel those of Homer's Odyssey, with Bloom corresponding to Odysseus. Although the book was the subject of early obscenity prosecutions, was banned in several countries, and has been considered unreadable by many, it is nevertheless one of the most important English-language works of the 20th century and is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Modernist literature. To this day, the 16th of June is celebrated as Bloomsday by Joyce enthusiasts. (Summary by Laurie Anne Walden)

Production note for Episode 15 (Circe): Circe was written in the style of a play complete with stage directions. It was recorded as it was written, with 73 LibriVox volunteers providing more than 230 character voices.
Credits for Circe:
Book coordinator: Availle
Audio editor: David Lawrence
Narrator: Peter Why
Leopold Bloom: Richard Wallis
Stephen Dedalus: mb
Lynch: Ben Lindsey-Clark
Zoe Higgins: Amanda Friday
Additional voices provided by: alanmapstone, AS - andreastrano, Availle, bala, Elizabeth Barr, Bill Boerst, CaprishaPage, Phil Chenevert, Ted Delorme, Charlotte Duckett, Barry Eads, Nadine Eckert-Boulet, ElleyKat, Margaret Espaillat, Elliot Gage, Filippo Gioachin, Kristin Gjerløw, gmrbill, Libby Gohn, April Gonzales, Amy Gramour, Aiden Herrera, Nathanial W.C. Higgins, hikarudream, Hunter, Grant Hurlock, Drew Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Emily Jones, Kanta, Kevinc, KHand, Josh Kirsh, Elizabeth Klett, Pamela Krantz, David Lawrence, Loveday, Brendan MacKenzie, Marty, MaryAnn, Chris Meabe, Eric Metzler, Andy Minter, Moromis, Cynthia Moyer, Julia Niedermaier, NoelBadrian, David Olson, Naomi Park, Lucy Perry, Algy Pug, Rapunzelina, Jaysen Raye, rookieblue, Savannah, shivagogo, Anna Simon, Anastasiia Solokha, David Stephenson, thechanneler, Beth Thomas, ToddHW, tovarisch, TriciaG, Laurie Anne Walden, Chuck Williamson, WoollyBee, and zaanta.
A complete list of voice credits can be found here.

Ulysses was proof-listened by Betty M., Ken Sterry, HeartofTexas, Annise, David Lawrence, and TriciaG.

For further information, including links to online text, reader information, RSS feeds, CD cover or other formats (if available), please go to the LibriVox catalog page for this recording.

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