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Zoominout is an interactive Zoom scenario to be experienced as a group. The duration is 7 minutes. There is no script stating what to say, nor is it announced what to do. Yet it is a participative experience, because what everyone does (and doesn't do) determines what happens. A facefilter script that applies a new image-detection mechanism every minute controls the visibility of the attendees.

To discover how to disappear and reappear, you need each other. Individually it would be impossible to unravel the mystery. For example, halfway through the scenario, a spoken word is the cue to be visible again. That moment when an invisible participant expresses his despair out loud, it is an eye opener for the whole group. An open mouth makes you visible! A minute later it is exactly the other way around. But along the way, the group becomes more adept at handling and parading the creeping invisible danger.

Despite the fact that no fixed story is played, the group still goes through a narrative that even contains elements that touch on Campbell's model. The logically successive effects provide a storyline that starts simple and challenging, but it quickly reaches unknown territories for which new skills and insights are neede. There will be moments of despair, but eventually the rewarding adventure comes to an end, it's time to return home. In the last act/minute participants become visible by walking further and further away from their webcam. Staying in view by disapearing from the picture.

The session is available online in the form of a Snap Camera filter for Zoom. It is a synchronized experience that is currently set to start at 9 PM daily.


Concept & production: Sander Veenhof


a recording of a pilot session of Zoominout with music:

Black Vortex - Scoring Action by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

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