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Winter 2020 Demo Reel

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This is the free video Winter 2020 Demo Reel that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video Winter 2020 Demo Reel.

I'm responsible for all aspects presented here: modeling, rigging, animation and rendering/compositing.

Unique features(in order):

Imp: IK/FK bendy limbs, with stretch and volume control. The chest can also switch to IK, and has a space switch on it to freeze it in place so the lower body can move independently. Both the tail and the wings have a Dynamic/FK switch, so they can be either fully dynamic or fully FK. Moving the FK controls drive the curve the dynamic joints are weighted to, so you can still get some nice follow-through and movement out of them when fully dynamic. The tail has a sine wave that can be altered in the X, Y and Z axis' of the controls.

Worm: The entire spine is an FK/Dynamic system much like the Imp's tail. It isn't demonstrated in the video, but the ribbon dynamics allow the spine to twist with a lot more integrity than the usual Dynamic set-up allows.

Insect: The legs stretch, and the antennae have the same Dynamic/FK system as the Imp's tail.

Dynamics tool: This works by selecting the first joint in a chain, and it iterates down the line, setting up a set of Dynamic/FK chains whose dynamic attributes are controlled by a single control. I created this tool to rig geometric strands of hair simultaneously(which is why there's only one control to tweak the Dynamics attributes with). At the end of each strand is a control that can be switched from Dynamic to pure FK, leaving it up to the animator whether they want the simulated follow-through or not.

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