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We Wait In The Darkness

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Choreographer: Rosy Simas
Composer: François Richomme
Lighting Design: Karin Olson (Original), Carolyn Wong (Tour)
Letter Reader: Laura Waterman Wittstock (Simas' mother reading letters from Simas' grandmother)
Film & Set: Rosy Simas
Performed by: Rosy Simas


The spirits of the dead are not bound to the same laws of space time and dimensions of this universe that we are. Seneca beliefs and stories of relationship with our ancestors have always told us this. Once a year we dance for our ancestors, we feed them, we sing for them, and we pray for them.

WWID is a ritual of action, storytelling, and images to heal the DNA scars of Simas' grandmother, her mother, and our ancestors. It tells our stories through dance, a paper set, text, film, and immersive music. The dance is housed within an environment of images and sounds from Seneca lands. It engages past and future, memory, and invisible presences, to tell about our losses, family, perseverance, and home.

The more the work is performed, the more truth and healing occurs -- not just for Simas' ancestors and her family -- but for the audience as well.

This is Simas' first dance work created with a surround-sound environment that envelops the audience so they can actually feel the sonic landscape.

The dress is a replica of the one Simas’ grandmother wore in Indian boarding school.

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