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Waves / Vlněn

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Non-narrative pixilation of the Czech landscape. Short film by Vojtěch Domlátil, 2017.

An observer, who clears his mind and reduces the number of his means only to work with time and space, not only reaches certain pixilation ecstasy, but also if he joins "the wave", his way absorbs him completely.

2018 ANIMATOU International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland - Labo Special Mention
2018 Roots of Europe International Film Festival, Spain - Award for Artistic Contribution
2018 Festival International du film de Nancy, France - Young Jury Special Mention (Labo Selection)

Official selections:
2018 OTTAWA International Animation Festival, Canada
2018 Anifilm - International Animation Festival, Czech Republic
2018 Fest Anča - International Animation Festival, Slovakia
2018 Video Art Event, INTERFACE, Țării Crișurilor Museum and University of Oradea, Romania
2018 Festival du film d'animation de Savigny, Switzerland
2018 International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE, Russia
2018 Viva Film Festival, Bosna i Herzegovina
2018 EKOFILM 2018, Czech Republic
2018 Festival International du film de Nancy, France
2018 LINOLEUM International Animation and Media Art Festival, Ukraine
2018 Animare International Animated Short Film Festival, Italy
2018 ANIMATOU International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland
2018 dokumentART, Germany
2018 International Film Festival Quito, Ecuador
2018 Another Way Film Festival, Spain
2018 Milano Film Festival, Italy
2018 International Festival of Outdoor Films, Czech Republic
2018 FIFAK, Tunisia
2018 Sedicicorto, Italy
2018 International Travelling Film Festival on Water, India
2018 BALKANIMA, Serbia
2018 Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Thailand
2018 REANIMA, Norway
2018 Visual Container - INTERFACE, Milano, Italy
2018 Animated Spirits - New Animation from Europe, New York, USA
2018 HUG Adults' competition - Animatou, Switzerland
2018 ALTER-NATIVE 26 International Short Film Festival, Romania
2018 CINETORO Experimental Film Festival, Colombia
2018 CutOut Fest International Animation and Digital Art Festival, Mexico
2018 Catacumba Film Festival, Spain
2018 Roots of Europe International Film Festival, Spain
2018 International Film Festival with Alternative Media, Mexico
2018 Court dans la Vallée, France
2018 Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira, Brasil
2018 ANILOGUE International Animation Festival, Hungary
2018 Animateka, Slovenia
2018 FRICINE Intl SocioEnvironmental Film Festival of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018 Inshort Film Festival, Niger
2019 Santander Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, Colombia
2019 MONSTRA - Lisbon Animation Festival, Portugal
2019 Censurados Film Festival, Perú
2019 Arquiteturas International Film Festival – Experimantal Competition, Portugal
2019 International short film festival Corti a Ponte, Italy
2019 MOHA Short Film Night, Hungary
2019 Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival, USA
2019 Cefalú Film Festival, Italy
2019 Outside Online Video Channel
2019 spudFILM: WASTED - Environmental Films, Great Britain
2019 Babul Eco Film Festival, India
2019 Shorty Week, Spain
2019 Manufacture festival, France
2019 Outside Online Video Channel
2019 BlackBox Short Film Festival, Switzerland
2019 ForadCamp, Cinema and Nature Exhibition, Spain
2019 ANIMA Córdoba International Animation Festival, Argentina
2019 International Meeting on Video-dance and Video-performance, Spain
2019 Marienbad Film Festival, Czech Republic
2019 Cartón Festival, Argentina
2019 Festival Stop Motion Montréal, Canada
2019 „Cinema-Talks“ Filmfestival, Austria
2019 Zinetika Festival, Spain
2019 Sinevizyon, Cyprus
2019 International Alternative Textile Symposium, Hungary
2019 Pop Up Film Festival, USA
2019 International Moving Film Festival, Iran
2019 GeoFilmFestival, Italy
2019 Pori Film Festival, Finland
2019 Chihuahua International Film Festival, Mexico
2019 Video Art Forum, Saudi Arabia
2019 Athens Digital Arts Festival - Extending Realities, Greece
2019 Shortcutz Viseu, Portugal

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