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VR-Actuality - April Fools Day

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For almost three decades, VT MAK has been a leader in simulation, 3D graphics, and virtual reality software, and we have recently incorporated augmented-reality and mixed-reality technology to bring ever-increasing realism to our virtual environments.

Today, we announce our new breakthrough technology – VR-Actuality!

VR-Actuality allows you to physically travel to geo-specific locations represented by our MAK Earth terrain databases – putting yourself into the game!

You’ve probably seen our geo-specific terrain of the Ala Moana area of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Well we sent our own Len Granowetter, along with his family, to Ala Moana to experience VR-Actuality first-hand.

Check out the amazing detail in this VR-Actuality terrain, and how closely correlated it is with the virtual database; the waterfront, the buildings, dynamic vegetation, prominent landmarks, fences, Len's mom an dad, and even the famous hand-modeled warehouse site.

With MAK’s VR-Actuality, you can play a first-person-shooter role – just like in our VR-Engage multi-role virtual simulator - with a game-like “arms and gun” model to anchor your view.

Note the physics-based interactions - full correlation with the back-end collision mesh.

You can also switch to a 3rd person perspective with the camera automatically following the player’s gaze and aim.

Like our DI-Guy human characters, VR-Actuality players can assume a variety of postures – including crouching, prone, and crawling animations.

They can also choose from a huge library of gestures and motions – with smooth, blended transitions between them, based on a powerful DI-Guy action table.

And like DI-Guy characters, VR-Actuality players can switch among a wide variety of hand items and inventory objects that are appropriate to the specific type of terrain – all in real time!

Now let’s switch roles to a ground vehicle – in this case an Uber SUV, where Len has embarked in a designated slot in the back seat after requesting the vehicle using a WebLVC-like mobile application. Notice the articulated windows, full scene dynamic shadows, and reflections of the sky and clouds – just like in a virtual world rendered by VR-Vantage IG.

Our VR-Actuality scene is enhanced by pattern-of-life background vehicle traffic – randomized cars, trucks, buses, and even golf carts that can stay in lanes, pass, and avoid collisions with the ownship player, similar to how MAK’s VR-Forces CGF’s AI entities can complement VR-Engage simulations.

MAK’s VR-Actuality technology also supports maritime scenarios.

Check out the dynamic ocean – with realistic waves, sky and cloud reflections, geo-specific buoys driven by S-57 naval charts, smooth shoreline transitions, configurable wakes, and a built-in buoyancy model, just like in VR-Forces and VR-Vantage IG.

We can also change the weather and time of day.

VR-Actuality scenes match VR-Vantage’s simulation of dynamics lights and high-dynamic range rendering.

In the air, VR-Actuality features rotary-wing aircraft flying over vast blankets of trees, like the ones we generate directly on the GPU in VR-Vantage based on land-use data.

High-fidelity 3D interiors include dynamic cockpit instruments – like the ones rendered in VR-Engage cockpits using GL Studio.

Finally, fixed-wing aircraft are definitely required to fly from one area of interest to another in MAK’s geocentric, whole-earth terrain.

Here are two correlated views of the US Marine Corp’s Twentynine Palms Air Ground Combat Center– rendered in VR-Actuality from the window of our commercial airliner returning from the Ala Moana terrain, and in VR-Vantage IG based on source data streamed from MAK’s VR-TheWorld Server.

MAK’s VR-Actuality – officially released on April 1, 2019! Get yourself into the game!

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