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Video Challenge Client Testimonial with Stefanie Dougherty

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TRANSCRIPT: I've known for some time that I really needed to do more video, because when I talk to people in person about my offerings there, they tend to be interested. But just the static posts didn't seem to get that same kind of interest. When I speak about it myself, my passion comes across and I think I get to highlight and emphasize the things that are most important. So video, I knew it would give me that opportunity to, to communicate that better. But I just hadn't gotten in the habit yet, of creating videos on a regular basis. I've become a lot more comfortable with the technology required to produce these videos regularly. I have more confidence, putting myself in front of the camera and talking to this invisible other person this lens. So that's really great. And I but I think maybe even better still was the fact that I was able to develop the habit of doing it regularly. So now with all of those things, my comfort level and the confidence and this developing habit, I'm able to continue with it, which I think is probably the biggest takeaway of all. If I had tried to do this by myself, then I would have not stayed the course I think it was, it's just way too easy to give yourself an out, I would have missed out also on me, the engagement that we shared with each other, I really got a ton of inspiration from them. And not just the technical aspects, although those were really helpful too. But just you know, the way they presented themselves and I started to see these patterns being completely new to it, like: Oh, I should really introduce myself at the beginning of every video and make sure there's a call-to-action at the end because there is that sense of camaraderie that it created. That was really nice. And so, at the end of this month, I've learned a ton about videos and I would develop the habit, everything I already said but I also feel like now I made some friends like I, at least I feel like, you know, fellow business owners on this journey. And that's really nice. And I think, you know, maybe even some of them I would go to just for their own expertise in their specific areas. Yeah, I just I'm really grateful for the whole experience. I'm really proud of myself. And I made it through and I posted every weekday in March, and I just feel like I've taken away renewed confidence and brand new skills, and I'm really happy about it. That's awesome. Thank you so much.

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