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Victorian Government being sued for FAKE COVID19 emergency

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Aged Pensioner Solihin ‘Sol’ Millin 77 has taken the Victorian Government to the High Court of Australia over the false Covid ‘Emergency’.

Sol is Dux of one of the greatest schools in Africa, Hilton College. He also topped his University in Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Sol says ‘The Covid 2020 lockdown in Victoria destroyed tens of thousands of businesses, created huge destruction in our Australian Economy, destroyed families, livelihoods, lives and much more.

Sol is the Founder of Advocacy Group ‘Make Australia Healthy Again’ and has successfully filed Case C2/2021 which is currently before the High Court of Australia for Adjudication.

Under the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982, Sol has requested the Victorian Government under FOI F21/0524 for the reasons they claim there is an Emergency. We have demanded the Respondents, the Victorian Government, supply the statistical and scientific basis of this False Emergency. This FOI request has so far not been forthcoming.

Here is the Reply from Solihin Millin to the Victorian Government’s Response to his Section 40 Application under the 1903 Federal Judiciary Act.

Sol has legally served notice to the High Court of Australia that this matter is to be judged under Section 80 Trial by Jury for Indictment of the Victorian Government for over throwing the Australian Constitution.

Sol Millin was arrested for alleged incitement against the Chief Health Officer’s Directives, and for organising the first Australian Freedom Day Protest in Melbourne on 9th August 2020, as covered in Age March 9 2021.

This Case is now in the High Court due to Sol making a Section 40 application under the Judiciary Act 1903 in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, to move Questions of Constitutional Law to the High Court for Adjudication.

This False Emergency is engendered by Corporate and Banking interests seeking Global Control and Slavery of the Human Race through the World’s largest Pharmaceutical FEAR Campaign based on a non-existent ‘virus’ Sarscov2 which has never been scientifically isolated, a fake disease ‘Covid19’ that has never been scientifically defined apart from having ‘Cold and Flu’ symptoms, which thus, in fact, is a renaming of Influenza, and a totally fallacious false positive PCR test that cannot test for infectious diseases.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dying worldwide after being injected with this Covid experimental medical procedure and millions are being injured.

The Australian Government is murdering its own citizens by forcing its citizens to be injected.

Get educated Australia in the horrors and death and injury being caused by this shocking Australian Government Treason

Sol is determined to end this false Covid Emergency and has over 15,000 and growing Class Action Co-joiners against the Victorian Government.

This is the biggest Class Action in the history of Australia

To donate to Make Australia Healthy again, MAHA, a not for profit Charitable Trust to ensure the Health and Wellbeing of all Australians go to

Here is an update of the High Court Case C2/2021

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