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After a long life in festival around the world (50+ selections and still going! and awards) for the pride month of 2021, here is the final trailer VAF2018; out and proud!

VAF2018 is the trailer I created and directed for the VAF Festival 2018, shown before every screening in the cinema during VAF.
VAF aka "Viborg Animation Festival" is the biggest animation festival in Denmark and its mascot is a green dog.
In 2018, Denmark met France at VAF, the exhibition attached to the festival was name "French Kiss" and it has been the starting point of the trailer/teaser I did for this festival, as well as its whole visual identity.
VAF took place in Viborg from the 24th to 30th of September 2018.

On this trailer I was joined during production by the talented Maria Blowers, animator and posing artist. Together and thanks to the coloring help of Hugo Beaurepere, Jennifer Wright, Rikke Nordgren Pedersen, Erika Grace Strada, Simon Anding, and the music design of Mads Vadsholt, VAF2018 was born and shown prior to any screenings at the VAF festival of 2018.
From 2019 until now I have been self distributing this trailer.


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