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Us Again - Official Trailer | Disney+

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Disney's first theatrical animated short in 5 years, "Us Again" is now available for streaming on Disney plus!


Us Again. Starring Art & Dot. Beautifully crafted by the 100+ hands at Disney Animation. Watching them dance our choreography fills us with so much joy, emotion, hope and inspiration (and some jealousy because the they do the moves way better than us). Then we're simultaneously mind blown that the animators animated our choreography by hand - not by motion capture performance - as Disney has since their very first animated film, Snow White. Simply because they take pride in their art form. We've heard the saying “an animator is an actor with a pencil,” but seeing it in action is still mind boggling. Then we peek at all the characters of the world and I’m reminded of the pure happiness coming out of filming all of the dances with our friends Fabian and Shannon - thank you friends. Then we see Art & Dot hit their final duet. We're reminded of all the times dance was normalized to a non-sensical career choice. A thing you do on the side. A decoration that belongs in the background. Bodies behind an artist. Dance can be so much more than that. Dance brings so many different kinds of people together. A universal language. This film reminds us of that. To stay present despite what’s around you. That youth is just a state of mind.

Thank you to the VILLAGE of people it took to make this from Zach(writer/director), Brad(producer), and Pinar(composer) to animation to the diversity, equity, inclusion team, to the story team, to lighting, cinematography, character, marketing and so so so much more.

Dream project with a dream team.

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