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Ungrounded (Pilot).mp4

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Ungrounded is an animated television pilot episode created by Draigon Kemp. This is a story about two friends, Tindon and Keanon. This story involves them talking to each other, and them having to explore different places. Watch the pilot episode of Ungrounded.

Created by Draigon Kemp
Directed by Draigon Kemp
Written by Draigon Kemp and Stephen Kemp
Executive Producer Draigon Kemp
Featuring the Voice of Draigon Kemp and Stephen Kemp
Music by Draigon Kemp
Animation Supervisor Stephen Kemp
Edited & Sound Effects by Draigon Kemp
Animator & Coloring Draigon Kemp
Storyboard by Draigon Kemp (Animation Sequence)

In loving memory of:
George Kemp

Special thanks to:
Ben Bocquelet
Guillaume Cassuto
Mic Graves
James Hamilton
Tim Mills
Joe Markham
Benjamin Renner
Anttu Harlin
Joonas Utti
Chris Garbutt
Adrian Maganza
Andrew Jones
Richard Meril
Christian Bøving-Andersen
Eva Lee Wallberg
Daniel Pennac
Paru Itagaki
Akis Dimitrakopoulos
Aurelie Charbonnier
Wandrille Maunoury
Daniel Lennard
George Gendi
Oliver Hamilton
Chuck Klein
Ciaran Murtagh
Jon Brittain

In recognition of:
Draigon Kemp
Stephen Kemp

In appreciation of Mirari Films:
Eric Kaplan
Jukka Montonen
Raduca Kaplan

In appreciation of Adult Swim:
Ollie Green
Keith Crofford
Walter Newman

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