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Under the Skin

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There’s human touch - a medium capable of bringing up the feelings and old memories of days old gone. Physical recollections that trigger a sense of nostalgia - the affection and tenderness experienced someplace, sometime, with someone. Bodies move and interact, they express and tell stories - of their past and of their present, moving forward together. The film is a continuation of the subject of touch, feelings and memories. Consisting of two layers, the plot tells a story of touch as a medium capable of conjuring up the feelings of personal memories. The first and the main part: “Performance” focuses on the body movement and touch as tools for invoking the feelings connected to memories. Therefore, it becomes a link between the past and the present, expressed through the sculpture of the heart created in the first part of the project that evolved from a physical object into a symbol. Its relevance is emphasised in the second part of the film: “Abstract” - a diverse footage of objects, nature and light that are part of the visual memory triggered by touch and body movement, linking past images with the present and its understanding. Together they create a short film full of textures translated through sound, various film frames and careful editing

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