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TruDees Rainbow Ribbon Blessing

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This is the free video TruDees Rainbow Ribbon Blessing that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video TruDees Rainbow Ribbon Blessing.

As we enter into the age of love and compassion, I invite you to help raise the vibrations of the world through Rainbow Ribbon Blessings.

What is it?



A long narrow strip of magic that you craft by using colors with special meanings found in the Progress Pride flag to gift oneself, loved ones and the world heart lead blessings through joyful estatic movement to embody gratitude, love and respect which we really really really really need right now.

...actually we need these blessings daily.

Step 1: Create Three Blessings
1. For You
2. For Someone You Love
3. For The World

Step 2: Select Your Blessing Colors using the Progress Pride Flag.
Red = Life
Orange = Healing
Yellow = Sunlight
Green = Nature
Blue = Peace and Harmony
Purple = Spirit
Light Blue, Light Pink and White = Transgender
Black and Brown = Queer POC

Step 3: Create Your Ribbon
You can use fabric, paper, ribbon or really anything you can connect together and move about in a joyous fashion. You will have three colors (or maybe more) in your ribbon to represent all of your blessings.

Final Step: Share Your Rainbow Ribbon Blessing
Your blessing is all your own but here are a few ideas to get you started...
You can write it in the sky like you are writing a letter to those you are blessing.
You can draw it in the sky like you are creating a painting of your blessings.
You can let your ribbon dance as if all of your blessings have already come true.

Final Final Step: Capture The Magic
Take photos and/or video of your blessing in action and share them on the social medias.
Tag those that the blessing are for
@dance_the_yard #yardwork20
@yourstrudee #trudeelovesyou
We want to see and share your magic too.

Stay Safe Lovers.

Yours, TruDee

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