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2019 West East Heart Travel Company short film introduction-Tibet I know best



Xindong Xinlv is a state-owned travel agency in Tibet, which is directly connected to Lhasa Tourism Co., Ltd. Jiashile Travel Agency Co., Ltd., a strategic partner in Taiwan.
Professional experience Taiwan and overseas tourists travel to Tibet.
2019 is the first year of the establishment of the West East Heart Brigade. Through the way of promotional videos, it allows tourists to better understand the myths and doubts of entering Tibet.



In the creation of illustrations, orange, green and two main colors are used for color matching. The composition makes the proportions of people's feet significantly enlarged, bringing out the image of traveling around the world and constructing the relationship between tourism and people.
The background is matched with pure pure white, so that the information can be more clearly communicated to the viewers. Through the promotional film, it should explain the things that should be paid attention to when traveling to Tibet and answer the public's psychological questions.

視覺統籌:林懸鏡 Lin,Xuan-jing
美術:林懸鏡 Lin,Xuan-jing
動畫2D:林懸鏡 Lin,Xuan-jing
配音員:林靜穎 Sherry Lin

Client Client: West East Heart Travel Co., Ltd.
Visual Coordination: Lin Xuanjing Lin,Xuan-jing
Art: Lin Xuanjing Lin,Xuan-jing
Animation 2D: Lin Xuanjing Lin,Xuan-jing
Voiced by: Sherry Lin

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