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Travel Notebooks: Marseille, France

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"Contemporary and vintage at the same time, dynamic and nostalgic, Marseilles is a city that reaches out to the sea, looking far into the blue distance.
The protagonist is the light that appears and disappears between the clouds, intertwined with the wind and with the architecture, in a unique show of color. "

Marseilles is part of an ongoing project on journeys to cities, titled "Travel Notebooks".

So far it consists of a series of animated videos and prints of ten cities: Perugia, Amsterdam, Beijing, Taranto, Prague, Barcelona, Venice, Kardzhali, Bilbao and Marseilles.

Many different aspect of the cities are shown, in a continuous flow that also represents traveller's emotional and cognitive experiences.

A large digital collage is made for the printed version of the project, with details from photos collected during the journey. The collage is later reduced to a resolution suitable for a video and is then produced in an animated version.

So it is not the city itself that is represented but the image of the city that the traveller remembers. These details are like notes written in a notebook that stay in the traveller's memory.
The animation attempts to bring together not only the impressions and suggestions experienced, but also the traveller's different points of view. The traveller first concentrates on one detail and then on another one, as though with a sort of selective focus that takes place at the same times, where the prospective is not provided by scientific parameters but by the emotions experienced observing and discovering the cities.


"BIBART 2018/19 - Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Bari e Area Metropolitana” - Ariconfraternita del Carmine – Bari, Italy

“Instants Vidéo Numériques Et Poétiques”- Friche la Belle de Mai – Marseille, France - 2018

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