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Transmedicalism - GRSJ 224F

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Description:This video is a brief investigation into the recent development of transmedicalism, a medical subculture of transgender people whose ideology attempts to place gatekeeping limits on trans identity. Because transmedicalism has not been heavily researched yet, we compare transmedicalist ideology with the most recent medical diagnostic guide, highlighting a fractured relationship to modern science and medicine. This film brings forward the possibility of gender norms and transgender narrative stereotypes as a key factor in the shaping of transmedicalist ideology, and the ways in which this ideology reinforces cisnormativity and heterosexism. Works citedBurke, C. Mary. “Resisting Pathology: GID and the Contested Terrain of Diagnosis in the Transgender Rights Movement.” Sociology of Diagnosis vol. 12. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., 3 August 2011, pp. 183-210. DOI: 10.1108/S1057-6290(2011)0000012013 Byne, William et al. “Report on the American Psychiatric Association Task Force on Treatment of Gender Identity Disorder.” Archives of Sexual Behavior vol. 41, 27 June 2012, pp 759-796. SpringerLink, accessed 1 July 2020. DOI:"Gender Dysphoria." Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. DSM-5. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association, 2013, pp 451-459. [PDF File] Retrieved from Drescher, Jack. "Queer Diagnoses: Parallels and Contrasts in the History of Homosexuality, Gender Variance, and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual." Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 39, pp 427-460 (2010). Richie, Cristina S. "Not Sick: Liberal, Trans, and Crip Feminist Critiques of Medicalization." Bioethical Inquiry, vol. 16: 375-387 (2019). Published online 29 June 2019. Garrah, Kalvin. “You need dysphoria to be trans (a rant).” YouTube, uploaded by Kalvin Garrah, 19 July 2018,, Blaire. “Transgenderism - Normal or Disorder?” YouTube, uploaded by Blaire White, 6 April 2017,, Kalvin. “The Transtrenders of TikTok.” YouTube, uploaded by Kalvin Garrah, 27 May 2020,

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