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Tongs stop motion

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I worked with Annie and Cem on this stop motion project. We met four times in total. The first time we met, it took us about two hours to figure out the approximate story, characters' settings and clarifies the division of tasks among the three of us. Annie is responsible for the background's setup and design, Cem is responsible for the storyboard, and I am responsible for using the clay to make our characters.
I want to use the characters' physical movements and facial expressions to express emotions, however, the arms and legs of the characters made by clay are so difficult to move well, so I decided to add two "antennas" on the top of the character. They are easy to bend, and the amplitude of the bend can clearly express the emotion of the characters. For example, the "antennas" bending to a heart shape when the characters hug together; or straighten the "antennas" when the character feels surprised. In the process of shooting, the characters are very fragile, and it is not easy to move our characters and pose them in various poses. In order to make the animation look "flexible", we often tried to turn the head of our characters, bending their arms and legs. Characters' heads have fallen off at least dozens of times, and we have to stop shooting to repair them.
The process of editing the video is basically going well. I divided the sounds that I want to add to the video into two types. The first is background music, I try to use these different kinds of music to express the various emotions of the characters. The second is the sound made during the movement, usually, they are very short. It is very challenging to match background music with these short sound effects properly. In the beginning, I added sounds at each movement of the characters, however, I found that my movie sounds "messy" after I combine background music and these sounds effects. I needed to change among them. For example, reduce the volume of the background music of the appropriate clip, or cancel the sounds of some movements.
I really like this project. I feel the charm of the stop motion animation. The time it takes to make a one-minute video is unexpected. Annie and Cem are good partners. The teamwork allows each of us to focus on doing our own part of the preparation, and we shot together, which also makes our video better. I enjoyed making this animation.

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