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Tln Ketter - Erilainen Luuranko

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Production company: Veli
Executive producer: Nita Rehtonen
Directors: Matti Vesanen & Pyry Pelkonen
Art director: Jenni Salonen

Script & idea: Matti Vesanen, Pyry Pelkonen, Juho Vesanen, Fedja Kamari & Jenni Salonen

DOP: Pyry Pelkonen
Gaffer: Juho Vesanen
Grip: Juho Vesanen

Set designer: Anette Heiskanen
MUAH & style: Saara Everi
Set builders: Viktor Huttunen & Daniel Kayrouz

Edit: Matti Vesanen & Pyry Pelkonen
3D-animation: Matti Vesanen
Grade: Pyry Pelkonen & Jenni Salonen

Pirjo Pöllä & Koirat
Alvar Tallskog
Inka Pitkänen
Joni Lindroos
Family Heiskanen
Minni Havas
Kinos Rentals


This video has been a fun and experimental project for us. The message of this mellow and catchy song is at the same time fun but deep and mirrors the growth of the artist duo, so we started working on something different that we have done with them before. Fedja (Handshaking) had some clear visions with the visual outcome of the video and on its basis and the directors Matti and Pyry together with Juho & Jenni ended up doing the script all together here at Veli.

We decided to build one room to a studio and play with the camera movement, set design and chroma. The camera is constantly moving to the side or zooming, giving an illusion that we would have had several rooms. The simple idea escalated into a surprisingly complicated one considering that every second and shot had to be precisely calculated for the timing to work in both the shooting situation and the edit.

With the idea, combined with Anette Heiskanen's crazy set design and Jenni Salonen's art direction we managed to get everything out of just one room. And as always, Tuisku (Matti8) and Fedja did amazing job with their performances and the result came out very special and we stand tall behind it!

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