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the walls of my room are curved

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MOCO 2020 presentation video

‘The walls of my room are curved’ is a movement-generated sonic performance of the body living with a connective tissue disorder.

The performance uses several microphones attached to the dancer’s moving body, capturing the live sounds of creaking and crackling bones and joints as they shift, transfer, extend, and rotate. While the dancer moves, an electronic musician samples, processes, synthesizes the sounds of the performer’s body into a musical score in real-time. This generative feedback loop of dance creating music/ music creating dance blurs the lines between body and musical instrument, organic and synthetic, human and device. ‘The walls of my room are curved’ is an invocation to listen deeply to the body, a challenge to crip the cyborg figure, and a meditation on the promise (and process) for interdependence.

This performance contains some flashing lights from projections.

This performance was made possible by the support of Dance/NYC and Eyebeam. Performance and rehearsal space made possible by Gibney Dance.

Directed and Choreographed by Yo-Yo Lin
Music by Despina
Performed by Yo-Yo Lin and Despina
Costume Design by Bao Nguyen
Webcam Shader by Avneesh Sarwate
Lighting by Beaudau Banks
Produced by Morgaine DeLeonardis
Video Documentation by Steve Dabal and Jesse Sperling
Production Assistance by THE FAMILY
Video Background Music by David Britton

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