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The Surge 2 Motion Cinematic Trailer

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Recently, I had the great Opportunity to make the Motion Cinematic trailer on the latest relase of Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive released " The surge 2" with "Capsule Animation Studio"
a dystopian future where humans have exhausted the world's resources, leading to strained social service and environmental diseases bringing mankind to the brink of extinction. CREO, one of the largest tech conglomerates, makes attempts at restoring the environment but with the task taking too long, a second process is developed, Project UTOPIA, a means to use nanites to complete the project faster but costing the lives of 95% of humanity. The nanites behind the project gain sentience, becoming a Rogue Process, and faced with the CREO board voting against their use, trigger a system-wide crash, killing or corrupting every machine and human connected to the CREO network. Project UTOPIA is then launched by an automated system, carrying the Rogue Process nanites.

Software used:
Cinema 4D,Adobe CC,Redshift, Xparticles.
Please check more information and behind the scene is in the Behance!

Client: Capsule Studio
LookDev, Animation, Render, Composition. Fx, : Mehdi Hadi
Character and Posing : Capsule studio


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