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The Sound Of Your Breathing Inside My Helmet

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The Sound Of Your Breathing Inside My Helmet
Julia Nanda Bejarano López

This contemplative video and sculpture piece is a question mark that explores, in a subtle way, issues that are very current in the context of this world wide covid-19 pandemia.

I wanted to explore the action of breathing through a glass protection mask, connecting with concepts such as isolation, loneliness, protection and vulnerability that we have as humans.

Also, base on the materiality and transparency of the glass, I searched the way to make breathing and breath visual for others, even though it’s through a mask that must protect others and protect ourselves.

On the other hand, in a second part of the video, I performed a repetitive and “breathing” action in a mountain space with snow and wind. A contrast is generated between the solitary action of breathing with the glass mask and the action of locating oneself in the breathing of the territory, the water and the enviroment: our planet.

The sound of the video is various states of breathing: pufs, sighs, gasps, among others, forming a polyphony, a community that breathes. Listening to those sounds can be comforting, breathing is a vital statement and a way to feel empathy.

With the title of the piece I refer to the iconic sound of the lonely astronaut breathing in the vastness os the cosmos.

The video will be display through a 10 inch tablet in order to show the face in the video in a scale 1:1 as well as the sound played on headphones. The original glass mask would be displayed on a rover stone (canto rodado). The shape of the stone responds to the constant force and friction that the water exerts on it for very long periods of time and ends up molding it. This permanence and constancy is also intrinsic to our breathing and vitality. The mask has irregularities that refer to water, but also a shape and volumen that, when viewed from the front, is a water drop. The breath ends up being water in the glass.

I would like this piece to be an like “in between” video/sculpture open to the visitor interpetration and perspective.

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