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This is the free video THE SIGNIFYIN DETECTIVE #1: A SILO DUBBS HARD-BOILED MYSTERY that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video THE SIGNIFYIN DETECTIVE #1: A SILO DUBBS HARD-BOILED MYSTERY.

I done seen shit happen on the STREETS of St Louis that I wish I could un-see.

Because the evil that Niggaz do One unto another before it's done unto them is BIBLICAL. 

Nah, fuck that. 

Make that MEDIEVAL.

SILO DUBBS was on the case again.

And his thoughts were being invaded by the atrocities of Man's inhumanity to Man as he drove at an unreasonable speed on I-44 West highway.

Sumwhere along the line Niggaz THINKING went South. 

And we fell off like MIKE TYSON against BUSTER DOUGLASS in '91.

We hit the canvas hard. 

And I dont know if we will ever git up. 

And if we do, we won't beat the COUNT. 

We will still be on wobbly legs. 

Victimized once again by a punch we didn't see cumming. 

Or maybe we just wasnt paying attention.

Either way, it ain't like we ain't trained for the shit that Crackaz do. 

Hell, we been going up against them for 6,000 years if U believe the GOOD BOOK. 

Then, we stopped Fighting THEM and started Fighting EACH OTHER. 


What Happened to make Niggaz turn on one another? 

As he drove I-44 with his Thoughts, Silo realized the new improvements being made to the highway were being done to facilitate the movement of DRUGS and HUMAN TRAFFICKING frum the South to West Corridor. 

But that wasnt his concern at the moment. 

Yet he made a skull note to Google the shit later on.

NIGGAZ today seem like their only interest is being konnected to Whitey at the HIP so they kan git the CRUMBS that drop frum his LIPS. 


We done lost Our will to LIE to DESTROY Whitey's empire. 

We act like we are sassyfied with just being a STATISTIC on the Ground or a number in a MACHINE ran by Racist ALGORRIDIMS. 

Butt we dont care as long as a few of us SELLOUTS git them CRUMBS. 

Butt like mah Daddy used to tell me:
Never forgit Bwoi--That Begging for CRUMBS makes YOU the BUM.

Yet and still, The SELLOUTS gitting the Crumbs and It dont MATTER to them that the rest of Us continue to go HUNGRY in Whiteys world.

Amerikkka has become as much of a Third World Country as India in a lotta places.

Los Angeles is a good example.

A City that is NOW, if it wasnt Before, living up to its TRUE name: LOST ANGELS.

Cuz the Mighty Done Fallen and WONT git up, prolly.

Peeple are living and surviving not only in the streets butt the very GUTTER and SEWERS.

Rite along with the RATS.

MICHAEL JACKSON made a song about a Rat named BEN butt these Rats aint in no ways Friendly like that.

That was a song about LOVE.

Amerikkka is playing a BLUES tune for Niggaz.

And Niggaz dont even like Blues like that.

You know why?

Because Niggaz is too bizzy LIVING the Blues to listen to em.

Silo stepped on the gas and pushed his speedometer up past 100 on the Corona Virus-Free, empty highway--as Wilson Pickett belted ENGINE NUMBER 9 at the top of his Lungs.

--to be continued--

This is the first in a series about SILO DUBBS, The Signifying, Philosophizing Hard-Boiled Detective.
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